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Newborn Screening Project: Improving Bloodspot Transit Time

 The internal taskforce for the Arizona Office of Newborn Screening Program recently provided all birth hospitals three opportunities to participate in a complimentary webinar provided by the Arizona Hospital Association. Arizona birth hospitals are encouraged to use this webinar recording as a learning resource to assist them in reaching the statewide goal for the Newborn Screening Program; By July 1, 2014, 95% of all newborn screening bloodspots (initial screens) will be received at the Arizona State Laboratory within three (3) days of collection.

Amy Richardson, Director of Education, AzHHA, arichardson@azhha.org
Celia Nabor, Chief Office of Vital Records, celia.nabor@azdhs.gov
Sondi Aponte, Education & Quality Improvement Manager, Office of Newborn Screeing, sondi.aponte@azdhs.gov