Work Environment Solutions

NJHA Healthcare Business Solutions

As a result of this partnership, AzHHA members will now have access to a wealth of health information (HIM) education programs, Coder mentoring and development classes, ICD-10 Helplines as well as software solutions including AUDIT Trax and HIPAA Trax that can help with RAC and HIPAA requirements.

Some examples of upcoming coding training includes topics such as:
•    Recognizing Clinical Indicators for Bullet Proof Coding;
•    2018 CPT Updates; and
•    Query Do’s and Don’ts

Also available is a unique Coder training program called I Code. This live, web based program helps coders overcome the “experience gap” and become productive coders for member facilities. This is a novel way to in-source your coding function and gain greater control of expense and quality.

If you would like to learn more about the services offered by NJHA Business Solutions, click here to listen to their introductory webinar.

Universal Background Screening
Background Screening

Hiring and Recruiting- Let Universal Background Screening (UBS) help you with background screening and new employee pre-hire checks. AzHHA’s partner for more than 10 years. Contact Alan Lasky @ (877) 263-8033 ext. 3215 or e-mail

Unemployment Cost management

Unemployment Compensation Control/ Workforce Solutions
Hospitals and health systems can help manage unemployment compensation costs with the aid of this program. A team of professionals from a nationally known company provides statistical data, court representation and claims expertise. Visit . For more information please contact Diane Magginnis at 314.684.2728 or

Compensation Survey Data

Compensation and Benefits - WageWatch is a salary and benefits survey program (web-based) that provides compensation and benefit data on-line to human resources professionals, hiring managers and executives. Contact Randy Pullen @ (888) 330-9243 ext. 210 to schedule a demo or e-mail

Pharmacy Benefits Consultants

Employee Benefits - ARMSRx is a pharmacy benefit consulting firm specializing in reducing employee pharmacy benefit expenditures for health care providers. Through ARMSRx, AzHHA offers established and successful, multi-employer PBM Contract (s). ARMSRx services are inclusive for all AzHHA members and provide a complimentary savings analysis, as well as implementation, on-going monitoring, audits and account management under these programs. PBM audits, contract review and clinical consulting are available upon request and priced separately outside these agreements. Our vested interest is in our payors’ success and long term viability.  Our mission is to leverage payor assets and align the PBMs’ and payors’ objectives. Please contact John Koeneke VP AzHHA APP

Life Solutionz
Alternative Compensation/Incentive Arrangement

LifeSolutionz offers a unique alternative compensation arrangement that can deliver significant benefits and opportunities for executives and physicians – while not increasing the cash outlay expense of the organization. To view a two minute presentation about LifeSolutionz platform click here.

For information regarding LifeSolutionz or to arrange a private orientation for your organization, please contact Jason Boccardi, President LifeSolutionz at (866) 234-9728

Cha Financial Advisors
Employee Benefits

Insurance Services - Offers a wide range of insurance services for healthcare facilities. Helps broker the best product for services including property/casualty, life, and health insurance. Offers savings for hospitals, executives and physicians. Contact Michael Scott @ (800) 690-0123 or