Insurers: Physician Credentialing / by AzHHA

Greg Ensell, Vice President of Government Relations

Last week, the Governor and Arizona Legislature successfully passed legislation to address the opioid crisis within our state. Yet, there is still more work to do. For example, the time it takes for insurers to credential physicians working at hospitals or in private practice. Several hospitals have reported that some insurers take between 75 to 90 days to credential providers and load them into their billing system up to 60% of the time. House bill 2322 would address this by placing time limits on insurers. Specifically, it would require insurers approve or deny credentials within 60 days and load approved providers into their billing systems within an additional 10 days.

AzHHA is helping lead the advocacy efforts of hospitals and providers. An important part of our advocacy effort is to provide hard data on credentialing timelines. This data supports our argument that this process is inadequate. If this is an issue that your hospital is facing please contact Greg Ensell.