2018 Annual Leadership Conference 

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Thank you for joining us at our 2018 Annual Leadership Conference. We hope to see you next year for our 2019 Conference October 23-25th at the Loews - Ventana Canyon in Tucson, Arizona.

Wednesday Presentations

Communications Pre-Conference Workshop - Lee Aase & Taryn Offenbacher, Mayo Clinic

Thursday Presentations

Pre-conference Breakouts

The Future of Arizona’s Nursing Workforce - Robin Schaeffer, Arizona Nurses Association
Arizona has been identified to have one of the largest shortfalls of nurses by 2015, This session will explore contributory factors highlighting innovative collaborative work both locally and nationally to protect our Arizona nurses and the community at large. The nursing community is facing a rare combination of circumstances including: aging experienced nurses, aging nursing faculty, aging population, a shift from in-patient to out-patient nursing, and millennial nurses outpacing baby boomer nurses for the first time in history.

Las Vegas Shooting: Lessons Learned from Sunrise Hospital - Todd Sklamberg, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center & Sunrise Children’s Hospital
Las Vegas Shooting: Lessons Learned from Sunrise Hospital (Video) - Todd Sklamberg, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center & Sunrise Children’s Hospital
Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center is the busiest ER in the state of Nevada, and the Trauma Center to receive most of the patients from the aftermath of the largest mass casualty shooting in modern U.S. history. CEO Todd Sklamberg provides a timeline of the response, the lessons learned and his personal perspective on how an epic response resulted in the safe discharge if 196 souls.

Opening Session
Business Strategy - The Big Picture - Dr. Woodrow Meyers, Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Arizona , Steve Purves, Maricopa Integrated Health System, Will Humble Arizona Public Health Association. Moderated by Rob Fromberg, Kaufman Hall & Associates , LLC
Healthcare at a Crossroad: The Disruption Dilemma (Video) - Ken Kaufman

Breakout Sessions
A Win-Win Option in Hospital- Physician Integration - Curt Chase & Bob Rabecs, Husch Blackwell
Hospitals and physicians have struggled to find a mutually beneficial integration strategy that balances the goals and objectives of both parties. Most hospitals have resorted to traditional practice purchases and employment models, or contractual arrangements whereby the hospital simply purchases the services from physicians through a professional service arrangement. These models rarely result in an alignment of strategies and often result in large economic losses for the hospital. The Group Practice Subsidiary (GPS) model is a unique and innovative approach to hospital - physician integration that offers a win-win alternative solution.

A Market Update of Managed Care Trends and Collaborative Efforts in Arizona - Jim Hammond, The Hertel Report
Review the current healthcare marketplace in Arizona with an emphasis on value- based purchasing trends and collaborative efforts.

Resiliency for Healthcare Leadership - Teri Pipe, Ph. D, Arizona State University
Practical strategies for developing focus, presence and compassion within the healthcare leadership context. Personal and professional skills and practices are provided. Joy and meaning in the workplace (Quadruple Aim) will provide the framework of the experience.

General Session
The Conversation Project Presentation - Harriet Warshaw, The Conversation Project
The Conversation Project Video Presentation - Harriet Warshaw, The Conversation Project

Friday Presentations

General Session
Medicine of Tomorrow - Dr. Steven Lester, Mayo Clinic
Medical knowledge has drastically changed over the last decade with great advancements in diagnostic and treatment tools. Dr. Steven Lester, a cardiologist at The Mayo Clinic Arizona, will provide a peek into what the future of medicine holds and share how the changes in care will be impacted.

Closing Session
The Mid-Term Elections: A Defining Moment or Just Another Cycle? - Amy Walter, The Cook Political Report