National Hospital and Health System Laboratory and Outreach Survey / by AzHHA

John Koeneke, Vice President of Business Development

Accumen Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the 17th Annual National Hospital and Health System Laboratory and Outreach Survey. The survey is designed to capture intelligence on critical elements of the clinical laboratory business to identify strengths, weaknesses, success measures, and trends of hospital and health system clinical laboratory programs across the nation. There are 3 key pieces of information that you need to look up in advance:  total outreach test volume, estimated gross charges, and estimated net collection rate. All survey participants will receive a copy of our report and findings so you have all the latest information on key laboratory and outreach trends at your fingertips. As an incentive for the time given to complete the entire survey, we will conduct a drawing at the end of the collection period planned for on or about February 29th. The drawing will be for three (3) prizes equal to a $500 gift card.