AzHHA Priority Bills Advance as Budget Work Continues / by AzHHA

Greg Ensell, Vice President of Government Relations

Today marks the 67th day of legislative session. Yesterday, three of AzHHA’s priority bills passed the Senate Health and Human Service Committee with unanimous votes. The bills include proposals to: require insurers to credential physicians within 100 days; require insurers to cover urology, pain medicine and substance abuse services provided by telemedicine; and, codify in statute an exemption for Native Americans from certain requirements included in a section in the 1115 waiver application.

  • Physician credentialing - House Bill 2322 will help address the problem of significant delays in the process of insurers credentialing and loading new doctors into their billing systems. AzHHA helped craft and supported the bill. If passed, it will: require insurers to approve a physician’s credentials and load them into their billing system within 100 days; require insurers reimburse for services provided to their members retroactive to the date a physician’s credentials were approved; and, create a financial penalty for insurers when they exceed the time limits.
  • Telemedicine - As amended, House Bill 2042 will require insurers cover urology, pain medicine and substance abuse services provided through telemedicine.
  • Section 1115 wavier - House Bill 2228 will exclude American Indians or Alaska Natives eligible for AHCCCS services through the Indian Health Service or through a Tribal or Urban Indian Health Program from work requirements, lifetime limits on AHCCCS coverage, and cost-sharing requirements otherwise contained in a section 1115 waiver submitted by AHCCCS to CMS.