Legislature Tackles School Safety and Education Funding as Budget Work Continues / by AzHHA

Greg Ensell, Vice President of Government Relations

Today is the 74th day of legislative session. This week, work on the state budget took a backseat to two high profile issues: enhancing school safety and extending Proposition 301’s 0.6% education sales tax.

Despite the legislature’s focus on school safety and education funding, AzHHA has continued its effort to educate members on the impact of a $35 million increase to the state hospital assessment included in Governor Ducey’s budget proposal.

In addition to individually meeting with legislators AzHHA has launched a grassroots campaign. This campaign focuses on increasing awareness of the important role hospitals play in our communities. It features individual videos highlighting the care hospitals provide to millions of Arizonans as well as their economic impact. Through this easy to use campaign individuals are able to show their support by contacting their respective legislators with just a few clicks.