Arizona Healthcare Decision Month: An Act of Love / by AzHHA

Sandy Severson, Vice President of Care Improvement

It’s always too early, until it’s too late - so start now! April is Healthcare Decision Month in Arizona and we encourage you to lead by example. Have the conversation with those you care about. Most of the time we tend to put off thinking about end-of-life until we are no longer able to do so. We encourage you to give the people you care about the gift of advance care planning.

Most healthcare workers join this field to help others and give back. As healthcare professionals, when we see the people we serve as patients, it is a way of warding off the human intimacy that true healing demands. When we choose to talk about something as fragile and meaningful as the end-of-life, it's as if that simple act has the power to bring people closer together, to ease the burden.For resources, visit Thoughtful Life Conversations and use the Arizona Healthcare Decision Month Toolkit. For more information contact Sandy Severson.