Governor Announces 20% Teacher Raise, Negotiates with Legislature / by AzHHA

Greg Ensell, Vice President of Government Relations

Last Thursday, Governor Ducey announced an ambitious plan to increase teacher salaries 20% by 2020. Now, he and the legislature are hard at work negotiating a budget that will fund it. As of Wednesday night, there has been no agreement on how to do so.

Governor Ducey submitted a budget proposal in January that included an AHCCCS fund shift that would result in a $35 million increase in the hospital assessment. Throughout legislative session it looked like this component would not be included in the final budget however, it resurfaced as one of several mechanisms to pay for the teacher raise on Friday.

AzHHA has been actively engaged to ensure that the final budget does not harm hospitals.

Two additional notes:

  • Tuesday evening, Governor Ducey signed Heather Carter’s physician credentialing bill, HB2322, into law, effective January 1, 2019.
  • The Senate version of the Governor’s proposed school safety bill, SB1519, will be heard in the Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee today at 10am. Information on the bill can be found here.