Primary Elections Quickly Approaching / by AzHHA

Greg Ensell, Vice President of Government Relations

Arizona’s August primary elections are quickly approaching and are very likely to determine the make-up of the state legislature. Although most districts are solid there are still districts that may change parties and become game changers. Some key primary candidates include:

State Senate

  • District 13: Brent Backus (R), Sine Kerr (R), Don Shooter (R), and Michelle Harris (D)
  • District 14: David Gowan (R), John Drew (R), and Lori Kilpatrick (R), Jamie Alvarez (D), and Mendy Gomez (D)
  • District 24: Timothy Jeffries (R), Kristina Kelly (R), Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R), Daria Lohman (D)

State House

  • District 5: Leo Biasiucci (R), Regina Cobb (R), Jennifer Jones- Esposito (R), Paul Mosley (R), Patrick Finerd (R), Mary McCord Robinson (D)
  • District 16: John Fillmore(R), Lisa Godzich (R), Stephen Kridler (R), Tara Phelps(R), Kelly Townsend (R), Sharon Stinard (D)

If you have not yet registered to vote you may do so by clicking here. To vote in the primary elections you must be registered by July 30th.