CMS Might Add Six Month Extension to HIIN Contract by AzHHA

Vicki Buchda, Director of Care Improvement

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is currently considering request for proposals (RFPs) that would add a six-month extension to the existing HIIN contract. If awarded, the six-month extension would be added to the base period of the original HIIN contract extending work from September 28, 2018 through March 28, 2019.

Within the RFP, CMS indicates that the possible extension would be to expand the focus and increase attention to stewardship of opioids. Current improvement work to reduce all cause harm, readmissions, disparities and increase patient and family engagement will remain a continued focus in the extension. The HRET HIIN will be working on submitting both a technical and a business proposal in the coming weeks that outlines plans for judicious opioid prescribing, as well as methods to improve, monitor and evaluate opioid use.

Should CMS grant the HRET HIIN this six-month base period extension, it would not impact the ability of HRET to apply for the contract option year in March of 2019. AzHHA will keep membership and HIIN participating facilities updated on the status of the contract as we learn more.

ICD-10 Codes for Classifying Human Trafficking Abuse by AzHHA

Ann-Marie Alameddin, Vice President of Strategy and General Counsel

The first ICD-10 codes for classifying human trafficking abuse were released in June 2018 and now enable clinicians to classify a diagnosis for victims of trafficking and plan for appropriate treatment. The new ICD-10 codes, which will take effect in October, will help providers identify and assist victims of trafficking and coders translate that information into data that will provide greater insight into the problem. Guidance on documenting and coding human trafficking will be available on the AHA’s Hospitals Against Violence human trafficking website later this month.

Through this Hospital’s Against Violence Initiative, Hospitals are encouraged to take a leadership role in identifying victims and raising awareness about the issue.  There is still time to register for the Arizona conference, “Health Care Response to Human Trafficking” August 6-7 in Mesa.

Ethics in the Pines: Examining the Ethical Challenges of Opioid Use and Abuse Facing Clinicians by AzHHA

Sandy Severson, Vice President of Care Improvement

Join the Arizona Bioethics Network on August 17th in Flagstaff for a timely examination of the ethical challenges of opioid use and abuse facing clinicians and patients in the state of Arizona. In this event attendees will learn more about Arizona’s Opioid Epidemic Act from experts in public health, pharmacy, behavioral health, physicians and patients. To learn more about this event or to register, click here.

AzHHA Welcomes Gila River Health Care to the Membership by AzHHA

Genesis Verduzco, Communications Manager

AzHHA is pleased to announce its newest active member, Gila River Health Care. Gila River Health Care is an entity of the Gila River Indian Community which provides an array of services including primary care, specialty care, ancillary and mobile services. Just last year they began to expand services and employee base while focusing on improved quality of care to meet the increasing patient needs. AzHHA welcomes Gila River Health Care to the Association and looks forward to working together to improve healthcare across our state.

Primary Elections Quickly Approaching by AzHHA

Greg Ensell, Vice President of Government Relations

The Primary Election is only a few weeks away. Did you know most of state legislators will be chosen in the Primary, not the General Election in November? In Arizona, the vast majority of state legislative districts favor one political party so heavily that is virtually impossible for someone of the other party to win a seat. That makes it critical for voters to learn about the candidates for legislature and vote.

Click on the words below to find information on the candidates as a link where you can register to vote.

AZ Central Voter Guide

Clean Elections Voter Guide

Register to vote here.

Point of Pride: Maricopa Integrated Health System by AzHHA

When adolescents are sick and require hospital care, life becomes infinitely more complicated. Our member Maricopa Integrated Health System has recently done something to help mitigate that by unveiling their new Teen Den, dedicated to their teen patients. The newly renovated 525-square-foot space, located on the third floor of Maricopa Medical Center, was remodeled to give it a non-clinical feel with more color, millwork, a sliding door, new ceilings, lighting and flooring.