AzHHA Releases Opioid Compliance Toolkits / by AzHHA

Ann-Marie Alameddin, Vice President Strategy and General Counsel

In an effort to assist members in keeping current with the myriad of changes related to opioid prescribing requirements, AzHHA engaged Coppersmith Brockelman to develop the Arizona Opioid Compliance Toolkits for: (1) Hospitals (including inpatient pharmacy and emergency department) and Outpatient Surgery Centers; and (2) Outpatient Clinics.

Template policies and procedures are included in both Toolkits and cover the 2018 legal and regulatory changes in Arizona. The policies and procedures are tailored to provide practical compliance measures regarding the regulatory requirements applicable in the different clinical settings and cover the following topics:

  • Opioid prescribing requirements
  • Opioid ordering and administration requirements
  • Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program (CSPMP) review and reporting requirements
  • Opioid overdoes reporting

The Toolkits are available to download free of charge on AzHHA’s website If you have difficulty opening this link, please use internet browsers Chrome or Firefox. AzHHA will be hosting a webinar in the upcoming weeks with Coppersmith Brockelman to go over the Toolkits and answer questions. If you have any questions regarding the toolkits, please contact Ann-Marie Alameddin or Debbie Johnston.