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Why We Started Thoughtful Life Conversations

Thoughtful Life Conversations (TLC), a program of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, is an affiliation of healthcare leaders, healthcare providers and community representatives with a shared commitment and a sense of accountability to support you in planning your advanced care needs.


Death isn’t something that happens to certain people. It comes to all of us. Why not prepare now?

The idea of this collaborative program is to transform serious illness care for Arizonans by:

  • Promoting patient choice, values and autonomy through advance care planning

  • Advancing provider competencies for honest conversations and care

  • Strengthening  public policies and payment systems to better serve those with advanced illness


Arizona Coalition to Transform Serious Illness Care

The goal of the Arizona Coalition to Transform Serious Illness Care is to improve care for those with serious illness. The coalition consists of more than 40 key organizations and leaders from across the state, who are partnering with national experts, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) and Discern Health, part of Real Chemistry, to identify focused areas for improvement. Arizona ranks 33rd in the nation for advanced illness care according to C-TACs Advanced Care Transformation Index. The Index contains 37 measures across five domains including: care, caregivers, communications, community and cost. While many healthcare organizations have developed programs, they tend to work within their own scope and not across the state.