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Alan Iny, Partner & Director, Boston Consulting Group

How to think more expansively about the future in uncertain times


Fresh thinking is more important than ever because the world is changing more quickly than ever. In this interactive session, Alan will share ways to think more expansively about the future, enabling more prospective thinking and looking at uncertainty and risk as opportunities instead of simply challenges. We will stretch perspectives to build an “uncertainty advantage” for times of high uncertainty.

Alan Iny has the pleasure of spending his entire working life on creativity in business. With Boston Consulting Group since 2003, he has trained thousands of people on how to think creatively, and he works with a wide range of clients across industries worldwide. He also has a deep focus on navigating uncertainty, using scenarios to help clients think more expansively about the future.

Alan is a member of the firm’s Corporate Finance & Strategy practice management team and has expertise in innovation, transformation, and organization design. With BCG's Luc de Brabandere, he coauthored Thinking in New Boxes: A New Paradigm for Business Creativity in 2013. The book is available in 12 languages, and Publishers Weekly called it "a must-read for anyone in a leadership position who dares to look at the world in new ways." His writing with Luc de Brabandere has also appeared in various journals, including Strategy & Leadership and Technological Forecasting & Social Change. He lives in New York with his wife and daughter.