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All Affiliated Partners

AzHHA finds and vets value-added vendors that make a difference to hospitals' and healthcare facilities' bottom lines. The following Partners have undergone extensive screening by hospital executives to join our elite services program.

To learn more about an Affiliated Partner contact Laura Dicksheid, or call 602-445-4318.


Adaptive Workforce Solutions

AdaptiveWFS combines best practices of People, Process, and Technology through their Managed Services Provider Program and third-party, web-based Vendor Management Software (VMS). Collaborating along with Hospital Associations across the Country, AdaptiveWFS offers their Members a unique client-centered philosophy that has successfully launched many MSP solutions that extend beyond traditional MSP/VMS partnerships. The AdaptiveWFS team, headquartered in Arizona, listens to truly understand the client’s need then designs solutions around those needs to meet and exceed expectations. The vendor-neutral technology gives Members the ability to broadcast their needs to 100’s of staffing vendors at one time encouraging true competition to keep billing rates competitive and to fill needs faster.

As way of introduction, AdaptiveWFS is offers AzHHA Members a free Workforce Assessment bench-marked by industry experts to provide AzHHA Members with a customized contract labor workforce plan that is transparent, consistent, and sustainable.


  • Customized, vendor-neutral MSP Model to encompass full-cycle requisition management of contract labor with the ability to share resources between AzHHA Members.
  • Platform Recruiting – AdaptiveWFS tracks start and end dates of contracts and has visibility of Member needs so contract hire can be moved easily from one Member facility to another.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline orientation and on-boarding process to include online testing capabilities and learning modules that can save AzHHA Members up to 20 hours in non-billable orientation hours.
  • Standardized system of credential tracking and compliance requirements for utilization of shared resources among all AzHHA Member facilities.
  • Per Diem Scheduling tool for flexing contract staff during times of high census and crisis management with the ability to share resources between AzHHA Member facilities.
  • Payroll Service Program – Members can refer valued, former employees or candidates to AdaptiveWFS. The referral is added to the AdaptiveWFS payroll, benefits and 401(k) plan. When a need opens at a Member facility, AdaptiveWFS will onboard them as a contract hire rather than a W2 employee. Saves up to 25% on traditional agency recruitment costs.
  • Consolidated billing process to include integrated time keeping solutions.
  • Trusted advisors with boots on the ground that provide forward-thinking advice on market conditions, contingent talent landscapes, risk mitigation, and contract labor balancing with sustainable workforce approaches to help AzHHA Members improve the overall management of their contract labor spend. is a unique career job board where healthcare HR professionals can connect with qualified healthcare candidates right here in Arizona.


  • Find highly qualified permanent placements from a pool of Arizona or national candidates
  • Have a laser focus on targeting the right healthcare candidates, unlike other general online job boards
  • Enjoy substantially lower fees, as an AzHHA member
  • Get 200+ views for each job posting from top Arizona job seekers
  • Expand your hospital recruitment efforts to the national level through the National Healthcare Career Network (NHCN)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Healthcare Banking

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Healthcare Banking™ is a powerful ally to healthcare companies of every size. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we seamlessly deliver an unrivaled range of advisory, capital raising and treasury management solutions for hospitals, healthcare facilities and institutions.


  • Define focus areas to drive hospital revenue
  • Ascertain the strength of a merger, acquisition or partnership
  • Find out how leaders create sustained success with nonprofit healthcare strategies
  • Rethink your hospital’s cost structure to find hidden savings
  • Learn how to stay safe from healthcare cyber crime
  • Identify new and future impacts on financial performance by looking at payment and reimbursement strategies
  • Understand the impact and opportunity of risk-based reimbursement
  • Discover industry solutions for growth, efficiency and achieving goals

Healthcare Resource Group

Healthcare Resource Group’s (HRG) expertly crafted revenue cycle management services provide customized solutions for your healthcare facility’s unique needs. Its client-centric service suite provides the tools to optimize any part of your revenue cycle or Health Information Management (HIM) Department and increase your facility’s efficiency and profitability.

HRG combines industry-leading technology and credentialed, experienced professionals in all areas of service, including: Complete Business Office (CBO), Extended Business Office (EBO), Early Out Self-Pay, Remote Coding, Audits and Assessments, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), and Consulting and Management.


  • Strengthen your revenue cycle and cash flow with an efficient workflow
  • Increase your cash collections, account resolution, process flow and support with CBO services
  • Decrease your loss of revenue, AR days, denial process, improper reimbursements and bad debt with CBO services
  • Increase collections (typically by as much as 23%), patient satisfaction, office integration and patient security with Early Out Self-Pay

Hospital Services Corporation (HSC)

Hospital Services Corporation (HSC) is an award-winning provider of services to the healthcare industry. As a subsidiary of the New Mexico Hospital Association, we are a trusted partner of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association. HSC has customers in multiple states, optimizing our expertise and skill set in reducing the cost of doing business. Our staff readiness and health insurance aggregator services include:

  • Practitioner credentials verification – As an NCQA-certified Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), HSC shortens the time for hospital practitioners to be enrolled and reimbursed by your contracted health plans. This service is fast and accurate, with an average of 18 days in securing verifications.
  • Provider enrollment – HSC will enroll and re-enroll physicians and other practitioners with Medicare, AHCCCS, and your contracted commercial payers by navigating each payer’s documents, processes, and requirements.
  • HealthXNet – An insurance portal that aggregates Arizona’s payers to assist your staff with eligibility verification, co-pays/deductible amounts, claim status inquiries, and management of prior authorizations – all in one web-based system.


  • Save time and other vital resources – As we work alongside your team, our experts can free up your staff to work on other organizational needs.
  • No minimum requirement for a provider roster – HSC has no provider minimum or limit, whether it is one provider or 800 providers, we have you covered.
  • Detailed workflows and regular status updates – You will know what is occurring every step of the way with portal access and detailed workflows.
  • Follow up with payers to ensure submissions are received – Who has the time to keep following up with payers on submission confirmation? We do. We will connect with payers as often as needed to ensure provider submissions are received.
  • Secure customer portal access – Your information is protected with our secure customer portal, making it a safe and secure way to share important information and details.
  • Single source login to access multiple payer details – Payers on speed dial? Hold times too long? HSC’s one portal, one login, can eliminate the need for benefits verifications by phone, saving time and increasing patient satisfaction.

Managed Care Advisory Group

MCAG is an industry leader, representing over 25% of the hospitals in the U.S. and recovering over $250 million for its clients. Little time and effort is required to activate MCAG to recover money from these settlements on your behalf. You may engage MCAG now to ensure that you take advantage of the $8+ billion in settlement funds.

The enrollment process in MCAG’s service is fast, easy, and has no upfront fees. AzHHA members enroll in the service directly with MCAG for an all-inclusive no risk fee that is a percentage of any recoveries. Visit, and enter code AZHHA5 to learn more or enroll quickly online.


  • Improve revenue and overall financial performance
  • Strengthen operating efficiency
  • Focus on core business competencies
  • Uncover unexpected revenue opportunities

Universal Background Screening, Inc.

AzHHA has partnered with Universal Background Screening; a nationally accredited firm specializing in healthcare, offering employment background checks and drug testing. They are the largest national screening firm headquartered in Arizona.

Universal is committed to providing accurate, compliant background screening services with the highest standards for customer service, recently voted the #1 Enterprise Screening HRO Today magazine in a client survey-based award.


Universal's high client satisfaction can be attributed to many factors, including:

  • Dedicated Account Executive - Universal has assigned a specific National Account Executive, Jocelyn McCanse, that will work with you to set up your account.
  • Exceptional Customer Care - Universal will assign you a dedicated Client Services contact and Arizona team to ensure that your needs are attended to by representatives who know your program. Services are Joint Commission compliant.
  • Quick Turnaround Time - Universal understands the urgency of completing reports so candidates can make their orientation dates, providing industry leading turnaround time.
  • Discounted Rates - Universal automatically offers AzHHA members additional discounts on all services and waives the set up and any account integration fees.


Well-Advised provides Medicare patients with free, non-biased education and online tools so that they can optimally manage their healthcare and costs. 94% of consumers are enrolled in a suboptimal plan, resulting in overpayment or under-coverage. As a result, many patients avoid needed care, delay appointments and don’t fill prescriptions, leading to anxiety and poor health.


  • By partnering with Well-Advised, patients can improve enrollment accuracy to assure optimum clinical coverage while matching their financial abilities. Patients simply answer questions about what’s most important to them, and the service recommends optimal plans, facilitates enrollment and assists with accessing the care and services they need to manage their health. Well-Advised continually tracks changes in plans, providers, hospitals, drugs and treatments, and alerts users when better plan options become available. By advocating for appropriate patient access, a hospital reduces bad debt and improves patient satisfaction.