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Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association Applauds Sen. McCain for Graham-Cassidy Opposition

Statement from AzHHA President/CEO Greg Vigdor


For Immediate Release │ September 22, 2017
Media Contact: Shayna Diamond │602-445-4327 │[email protected]

PHOENIX –  “The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association applauds Sen. John McCain for continuing to show the U.S. Senate and the American people what leadership looks like. In announcing his opposition to Graham-Cassidy – and to the rushed, partisan process by which this effort has been conducted – Sen. McCain has stayed true to his word: it’s time to return to regular order.

“What is happening currently with Graham-Cassidy is a far cry from regular order. The Congressional Budget Office hasn’t even had time to properly review the proposal for its impacts to patients and government finances. However, independent reports that have been conducted, including a new analysis by the non-partisan Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee, are consistent and troubling: This legislation would cost our state at least $10 billion in federal funding over the coming decade.

“Like Sen. McCain, we believe sustainable and positive reforms to our nation’s healthcare system – including addressing flaws in the Affordable Care Act – can only be accomplished by working together in a bipartisan and reasoned manner. This is not only the right way to pass legislation of such public significance, but also the right way for each of us to conduct ourselves in pursuing positive change for healthcare outside of the political arena. “We thank Senator McCain for that important reminder.”


About AzHHA

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