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AzHHA Member Advisory - COVID-19: July 29

Remdesivir Allocation Update

We are now in week 3 of the new remdesivir ordering process and the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) has shared the following information with the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Key Weekly Allocation Timeline (starting for week 3 allocation)

  • States are be required to submit an RDV allocation plan for week 4 by Friday, July 31 COB. (Arizona's weekly allocation is listed on ASPR's website here. The state's allocation plan is pro-rata based on the average number of COVID positive inpatients reported by each facility in EMResource over the last week.)
  • AmerisourceBergen will reach out to all hospitals (via phone or email) based off of prioritized states and hospitals.
  • Hospitals will have one day to confirm quantities once contacted or forfeit their allocation; they DO NOT need to accept all their quantities.
  • AmerisourceBergen will deliver product as early as Monday morning and through the end of the week.
  • We also are moving to email notifications vs. phone calls as well with the hospitals so we can improve the cycle time as well for accepting quantities.
  • Given the new compressed one week cycle, AmerisourceBergen is attempting to minimize re-allocation of declined quantities with the exception of emergencies. We will communicate to ASPR the weekly declined amount so they can take into consideration for the next allocation cycle and only accept emergency re-allocations.
  • AmerisourceBergen is working on process improvement to allow states to indicate HIGH PRIORITY (immediate patient need) hospitals to address them first. 

View the HHS Remdesivir Weekly Allocation Cycle Graph here.

View the ASPR Remdesivir Weekly Allocation Distribution Cycle for Commercial Remdesivir sheet here.  

For urgent requests, hospitals are encouraged to complete this survey form to indicate the estimated quantity of remdesivir needed with any relevant comments by Thursday COB:  

For additional questions or comments, please visit ASPR's website or contact [email protected].