Becoming an Affiliated Partner

If your company offers products or services that are vital to hospital operations, please print and complete the application to become an Affiliated Partner. Upon receipt of your application, our Affiliated Partners Program Committee will conduct a thorough evaluation of your services to determine how well they meet the needs our member hospitals have identified. Vendors that are awarded this valued designation gain an excellent opportunity to market their products and services to AzHHA members.

Submit your completed application via e-mail to John Koeneke, or by fax (602) 445-4299.

Click here to read the process for contracting with Affiliated Partners Program.

Corporate Sponsorship

Want to know who are current sponsors are? Click here

Does your business want to reach hospital decision makers with information on its products and services? AzHHA opens the doors with its menu of corporate sponsorship opportunities. Click here for information on sponsorship opportunities currently available.