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Learn How to Plan for Future Medical Care

Beginning Your Own Thoughtful Life Conversations

Talking about your own mortality, or the mortality of those close to you, can be a scary prospect. That’s why Thoughtful Life Conversations (TLC) has developed workshops to give you the skills necessary to start your own conversations about advance care planning and complete your advance directives:

  1. Thoughtful Life Conversations: Advance Care Planning | 1- or 2-hour workshop

  2. Thoughtful Life Conversations: Advance Care Planning | 3.5-hour Train-the-Trainer workshop

Give your family and loved ones the gift of clarity by taking control of your future healthcare decisions today, should you become unable to speak for yourself tomorrow.

Web-based workshops are still available upon request. Please email [email protected] to submit a web-based workshop request.

Visit our calendar to view upcoming workshops and other TLC related events Request Information About Upcoming Workshops


“I learned it does not need to be confusing. This class really simplified completing my advance directives and now I will work with my family and patients to help them complete theirs and register with the registry.”


Thoughtful Life Conversations: Advance Care Planning

A 1- or 2-hour learning workshop for individuals 18+. The one-hour Advance Care Planning session is available in a live webinar.

When it comes to planning for future medical care, conversations can make all the difference. These workshops help people learn how to begin the conversation, and outlines a clear process for them to ensure that their priorities and preferences for future healthcare interventions are known, legally documented and honored. The target audience for the Thoughtful Life Conversations: Advance Care Planning workshop is the general public, anyone 18 years or older, with a special focus on the elderly or those with serious illness.

Objectives are to:

  1. Reduce fear and stigma around talking about dying

  2. Consider your life values

  3. Learn how to talk to others about your wishes

  4. Review healthcare planning decisions, resources and documents

  5. Learn with whom to share your healthcare planning documents

  6. Discuss when to review and update these documents


“Love the new Arizona Prepare for Your Care document! I will use with my parents and elderly patients as is very easy to understand.”


Thoughtful Life Conversations: Advance Care Planning - Train the Trainer

A 3.5-hour Train-the-Trainer workshop

This workshop prepares community representatives and volunteers with the knowledge, skills and resources to facilitate the 1- and 2-hour Thoughtful Life Conversations: Advance Care Planning workshops. Volunteers with a passion for teaching and improving end-of-life care for Arizonans are the target audience for this train the trainer workshop.

Participants will:

  1. Learn how to identify which workshop best meets the needs of the participants

  2. Observe a demonstration of the Thoughtful Life Conversations: Advance Care Planning workshop

  3. Review Arizona documents and community/state/national resources to successfully lead the workshop

  4. Learn facilitator techniques and strategies

  5. Participate in engagement activities