AHCCCS Solicits Comments on ACOM and AMPM Policies / by AzHHA

Debbie Johnston, Senior Vice President of Policy Development

The following AHCCCS Policies and related materials have been opened for review and revisions and this will serve to provide Tribal Consultation Notification/Public Comment. Both Tribal members and the general public can review and submit comments regarding changes that are being presented. 

  • AMPM 310-V, Prescription Medications/Pharmacy Services

  • AMPM 310-V, Attachment A – Informed Consent-Assent for Psychotropic Medication Treatment

  • AMPM 310-V, Attachment B – 5-Day Supply Limit of Short-Acting Opioid and Long-Lasting Opioid Medication Exclusion Specifications

  • AMPM 310-V, Attachment C – ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code

The comment deadline is June 23, 2019. Instructions for reviewing and providing feedback are available here.