DHS Seeks Comments on Proposed Changes to the Birth Defects Monitoring Program / by AzHHA

Debbie Johnston, Senior Vice President Policy Development

The AZ Department of Health Services (DHS) recently announced that they will be revising the rules in the Arizona Administrative Code Title 9, Chapter 4, Article 5, Birth Defects Monitoring Program, among other programs. These changes come after the department identified several issues with the current rules that cause the rules to impose an undue burden on some regulated entities and reduce their effectiveness.

The revisions will include:

  • Moving definitions used throughout Chapter 4 to Article 1

  • Updating and clarifying definitions, cross-references, and formatting

  • Making revisions to comply with statutory changes

  • Updating and clarifying reporting requirements and time-frames

  • Making other changes described in a previous five-year-review report

DHS is seeking comments on the proposed changes. The deadline to submit comments is May 27. 

AzHHA is reviewing the proposed changes and will notify members as needed.