Point of Pride: UA Center for Rural Health / by AzHHA

Dr. Dan Derksen Named UA College of Medicine ‘Alumni of the Year’

The University of Arizona (UA) Alumni Association has bestowed the 2019 Alumni of the Year honor to Dan Derksen, M.D. Dr. Derksen spearheads the UA Center for Rural Health, an AzHHA healthcare member and partner. He is also jointly appointed at the Zuckerman College of Public Health and the Department of Family & Community Medicine.

 His activities promoting health equity certainly contributed to this honor, including his work on the social, economic, demographic and geographic factors affecting health outcomes. Additionally, Interim Dean Irving Kron, M.D. wrote, “Since our founding over fifty years ago, the UA College of Medicine —Tucson has focused on medical care in underserved populations, including border communities, Native American communities and less-developed countries. It is clear that Dr. Derksen truly believes in this mission and passes it on to our students every day.”

Dr. Derksen graduated with an M.D. from UA College of Medicine in 1984, and then spent the next 25 years at the University of New Mexico, first as a family medicine resident and then as faculty.

To read about his extensive accomplishments leading to this prestigious award, click here.

Alumni of the Year: Recognizes University of Arizona (UA) alumni who have uniquely demonstrated a commitment to an academic college’s success and mission through professional achievement, service or support.