Connection Newsletter / by AzHHA

Governor Announces 20% Teacher Raise, Negotiates with Legislature
Governor Ducey announced an ambitious plan to increase teacher salaries 20% by 2020 and is now hard at work negotiating a budget that will fund it. Read

Recent Rulings from the Arizona Court of Appeals
Arizona Court of Appeals rules on provider liens and county court hotline. Read

AzHHA Partners with Alagen
AzHHA’s newest affiliated partner Alagen, a Phoenix-based provider of cybersecurity services. Read

AzHHA HIIN hospitals continue to show steady reductions in harms, more lives saved, and costs avoided. Read

Healthcare – Innovations for Business and Their People Luncheon
Bringing local talent together for the most comprehensive symposium on the subject of business and healthcare. Read

Point of Pride: Life Point Health
Life Point Health recognized for their efforts in quality and patient safety. Read