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Connection newsletter 5-9-24

In this issue, read about applying for the AzHHA Quality Awards, National Hospital Week, a local doctor completing his 100th robotic surgery and more. 




In this issue, read about: Applying for the AzHHA Quality Awards. National Hospital Week. A local do

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Connection Newsletter

By AzHHA CommunicationsMay 09, 2024

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In this issue, read about:

  • Applying for the AzHHA Quality Awards.
  • National Hospital Week.
  • A local doctor completing his 100th robotic surgery.

Legislative lull: Abortion ban repeal and future uncertainties

Seal of the state of Arizona.

Is the legislature half full or half empty?

This week saw a more subdued legislative session as recent turmoil subsided. Governor Katie Hobbs signed HB2677 into law last Thursday, repealing the 1864 abortion ban.

  • However, there is concern about a potential "dark period" during which the ban might temporarily be reinstated, due to laws taking effect 90 days post-session—an end date for which remains undetermined.
  • The attorney general and Planned Parenthood have formally requested to prevent the ban’s reinstatement, citing the legislative intent behind HB2677.
  • We will continue to monitor developments in this area.

The House received approval to suspend its meetings this week.

  • As you may recall, our legislature has been convening only on Wednesdays amid ongoing budget negotiations.
  • Meanwhile, the Senate conducted a brief session to vote on a handful of bills.
  • As negotiations progress, we expect legislative activities to intensify.

Stay tuned for further updates.


Time is running out! Apply now for the AzHHA Quality Awards

The deadline for submissions for the Second Annual AzHHA Quality Awards is fast approaching! This is an opportunity for member hospitals to highlight their work in:

  • 🏥Patient Safety and Quality
  • 📢Community Engagement
  • 🤰Maternal Health Innovation

Why it matters: These awards celebrate and recognize Arizona’s leaders committed to advancing healthcare through exceptional quality performance, community engagement and a culture of continuous improvement.

What's next: Submissions are due at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 31, 2024.

Apply now

Arizona Department of Health Services proposes disease reporting changes

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) is proposing changes to the communicable disease reporting rules as part of its five-year rule review process. A draft rule is posted on the department’s rulemaking page.

Proposed changes to clinical lab reporting requirements can be found in R9-6-204, with reportable diseases listed in Table 2.3. While some of the changes are clarifying and removing obsolete language, other changes are substantive, including changes to reportable diseases.

What’s next: Comments on the draft rule can be submitted to ADHS via an online survey, which closes at midnight on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

  • Any substantive and serious concerns with the rules should also be shared with AzHHA so that we can follow up with ADHS.
  • Please contact Debbie Johnston ([email protected]) if you have questions or wish to share substantive concerns.

🏥 Celebrating National Hospital Week together

Hospital Week

Next week, May 12-18 is National Hospital Week.

  • It celebrates the invaluable contributions of hospitals, healthcare workers and medical professionals in providing vital care to communities.
  • It's a time to honor their dedication, compassion and resilience, especially during challenging times.
  • Join AzHHA in recognizing their commitment to healing and promoting health for all.

Our thought bubble: Post to social media and tag us or send stories to [email protected] that you want featured in Connection next week as well as on our social media channels.

What do you want to be recognized for this National Hospital Week?


🗓 Maternal Mental Health Month: Unmasking postpartum disorders

Maternal Mental Health Month is commemorated every May to raise awareness about the mental health challenges mothers face during and after pregnancy.

  • Postpartum mental health disorders affect about 20% of new mothers, and we must seek to destigmatize these conditions.
  • Historical accounts trace the recognition of postpartum disorders back to ancient times, with significant societal acknowledgment emerging in the 19th century through literature.
  • Today, activities during Maternal Mental Health Awareness month include training sessions, seminars and charitable support, promoting understanding and support for affected mothers.

Save the date: The 2024 AIM Collaborative Conference will provide more maternal mental health content and training.\

  • Join us from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7 2024 at Creighton University - Phoenix.

2023 Uniform Accounting Reports due by the end of May

Hospitals are required to submit their Uniform Accounting Report, Annual Audited Financial Statement (AFS), Medicare Cost Report, Statement of Cash Flow (unless included in the AFS), Hospital Charge Description Master and Attestation of Completeness and Accuracy to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) no later than 120 days after the end of the hospital’s fiscal year.

  • Since a hospital’s 2023 fiscal year would have ended no later than Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023, all hospitals should submit these items no later than the end of May. ADHS has the authority to fine hospitals which submit these items late, and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) uses these reports for several items, including for providing supplemental payments.
  • Additional information and instructions can be found on ADHS’ website.
  • For questions related to this process, email [email protected].

AzHHA announces relaunch of job board

AzHHA is excited to share its new and improved job board, AzHealthJobs.

Go deeper: The new back-end partner, Web Scribble, offers enhanced customer service and a sales team who actively scrub the internet for jobseekers.

  • Select from basic, enhanced or premium posting opportunities.
  • Customize your postings with corporate branding and gain access to multiple partner job sites with the premium selection.

Benefit to AzHHA members: Use code “AzHHA15” and receive 15% off all job postings and packages through the end of July 2024.

Questions? Contact [email protected] or reach out to Web Scribble directly at [email protected].


Arizona Transition to Practice Program: June 2024 cohort key dates


For those facilities participating in the June 2024 cohort of the Arizona Transition to Practice Program, here are some key upcoming dates:

  • Preceptor Academy launches Monday, May 13, 2024
  • New graduate cohort start date is Monday, June 24, 2024

Applications are now open for the August 2024 cohort!

  • Apply now.
  • Applications are due Friday, June 14, 2024.

Canyon Vista Medical Center’s Dr. Haj leads robotic surgery revolution

CVMC 100th robotic surgery

Member spotlight: Canyon Vista Medical Center (CVMC) is celebrating Roland Haj, DO, who has spearheaded 100 out of 250 robotic surgeries at CVMC since the program's inception a year ago.

  • Dr. Haj, a seasoned general surgeon, highlights the advantages of robotic-assisted surgery, citing enhanced precision and quicker recovery times for patients.
  • With the majority of his surgeries now utilizing robotic technology, Dr. Haj continues to advance surgical care at CVMC.
  • For more information on robotic-assisted surgery or to locate a robotically trained surgeon, visit

🎙 Valleywise Health CEO discusses healthcare challenges

Steve Purves, the president and CEO of Valleywise Health, joined the Becker’s Hospital Review podcast to discuss current healthcare challenges and leadership priorities.

Go deeper: Listen to the 13-minute episode here.



Thursday, May 16, 2024, Thursday, June 13, 2024, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2024 - EMTALA webinar series
This members-only webinar series is designed to answer questions about EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. Questions? Reach out to [email protected].

May 22-24 - Arizona Healthcare Financial Management Association Spring Conference
The theme for this conference is “Stayin’ Alive: Stayin’ groovy with your bottom line.” The event will be held at the Marriott Scottsdale McDowell. Learn more and register.

Thursday, May 30 - Introduction to POLST 
Join physician orders for life-sustaining treatment paradigm (POLST) for their one-hour virtual workshops equipping healthcare professionals with knowledge and resources to begin using POLST in Arizona. Register here.



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