AzHHA Releases Hospital Finance Reports for July 2018 / by AzHHA

Results for July 2018 show a marked increase in overall operating income year to date. At the same time, the uncompensated care is continuing to run well below the levels encountered when the enrollment was frozen. The graph below illustrates that uncompensated care rose when the number of childless adults covered by the AHCCCS program declined, and then decreased when coverage was restored and expanded to 133 percent of the federal poverty level.

Finance report.JPG

Over the last few months, the AHCCCS population has begun to shrink after several years of steady expansion. The overall population served by AHCCCS has decreased by 3%, over the last year as illustrated below:

Finance report2.JPG

In addition, the childless adult population financed through the provider assessment declined rather dramatically beginning in November 2017 through June 2018, but has started to rise again over the last several months as shown below:

Finance report3.JPG