HRET HIIN Update / by AzHHA

Vicki Buchda, Director of Care Improvement

AzHHA’s Hospital Innovation Improvement Network (HIIN) hospitals are continuing to improve safety and reduce harm by creating partnerships with patients and families through advisory councils, multidisciplinary bedside rounding, change-of-shift bedside report and shared decision-making. The State of New York released the findings of corroborating previous findings that patient activation has been linked to better outcomes. They found that hospitals with high performing Patient and Family Advisory Committees (PFACs) had higher HCAHPS ratings than hospitals with no PFAC. Hospitals with high performing PFACs also performed better on safety metrics; they had lower rates of pressure ulcers (p<.05), sepsis and septic shock (p<.01), and 30-day hospital-wide readmissions (p<.01) than lower-performing PFACs. In Arizona, through the work of the AzHHA HIIN, hospitals have prevented 790 harms and almost $10 million were saved. AzHHA HIIN is proud to have sponsored 6 nurses from rural hospitals to attend the 2018 APIC Grand Canyon Conference in late October. In addition, AzHHA HIIN supported the attendance of 8 people at the Adda Alexander Patient Safety Conference which was held last month.