January 2019 Hospital Finance Reports / by AzHHA

Jim Haynes, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Results for January 2019 show operating income was slightly over 5 percent, lower than the results from January 2018. At the same time, the uncompensated care ran at approximately the same level it has over the last several years. While the AHCCCS population decreased for a period, it has begun to expand once again. The overall population served by AHCCCS has increased by 2 percent over the last year, as illustrated below:

Connection Image.JPG

In addition, the childless adult population financed through the provider assessment declined rather dramatically beginning in November 2017 through June 2018. Since then this population has steadily increased.

The operating income estimate for the state is based on responses from hospitals representing approximately 71 percent of the state hospitals, as noted below. It shows that operating income is up significantly over the prior three periods. Other trends for the most recent twelve months are:

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