Security Metrics Strategy for Improved Risk Management / by AzHHA

John Koeneke, Vice President of Business Development

Join AZHHA’s preferred cybersecurity partner, Alagen, at the Arizona Technology Council Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, April 24th at Brother John's Beer, Bourbon & BBQ in Tucson. Mike Burg, Director of Strategic Advisory at Alagen, will share how hospitals and other organizations can:

  • Align common security metrics with business objectives

  • Build a measurement framework that aligns with goals

  • Apply fundamental measurement principles for more useful data

  • Improve estimation skills and account for human bias

Organizations often collect security data without proper consideration of exactly what they should be measuring. This well-meaning but arbitrary assessment looks official but is not accurate or helpful. To truly know your security risk and be positioned to improve security posture, you need a smart security measurement strategy. For more information on this event click here.