Point of Pride: The Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona / by AzHHA

Last year Cochise County released a community health assessment that reported major health issues residents were faced with. As a result, The Legacy Foundation of Southeastern Arizona was inspired into action. They established a prescriptive grant structure and as a result there are there are several activities being developed to accomplish this goal, including

·         enhancing hydration stations in Cochise County to encourage consumption of water and reduce sugary drinks

·         developing a Leadership Academy to train grass-roots community leadership to identify and make system changes in their communities

·         strengthening school health initiatives wherein an individual functioning as a school liaison will work with school personnel to identify system changes in schools such as healthier lunches, gardening opportunities on a farm to table approach, physical activity or school pantries for students

This is just one example of how AzHHA members, like the Legacy Foundation of Southern Arizona, is leading real change for the patients, people and communities across our state.