Latest DataGen Reports / by AzHHA

Whitney Jackson, Project Coordinator and Special Assistant

The following DataGen reports were sent by AzHHA Analytics to our members in March:

  • S-10 Uncompensated Care Distribution Analysis                                       Sent 3/11/19

  • 2017 Medicare Spend Per Beneficiary Report                                            Sent 3/18/19

  • Cost Report Model                                                                                      Sent 3/19/19

  • Quality Program Measure Trends Analysis                                                Sent 3/25/19

  • Medicare Quality Program Overview Reports                                            Sent 3/26/19

If you would like a copy of your hospital report sent to you, please email AzHHA Analytics.

DataGen reports are sent to hospitals as a part of AzHHA membership. DataGen utilizes Medicare analytics to create hospital-specific reports that support hospital operations, finance and enhance quality initiatives. 

For more information on the 2019 DataGen schedule for release of DataGen reports, click here.