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AzHHA Consent Manual - 2020 Edition

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The AzHHA Consent Manual - 2020 Edition, comprehensively updated by Coppersmith Brockelman’s Health Care Practice Group, is now available. This manual is the only detailed resource guide to Arizona healthcare consent-related laws, rules and regulations.


The detailed content can be useful to:

  • hospital administrators and chief medical officers
  • administrators and medical directors of other healthcare facilities, such as nursing facilities, physician groups, outpatient treatment centers, surgical centers – any institution providing clinical care
  • managed care organization administrators and medical directors
  • healthcare attorneys
  • physicians
  • nurses
  • quality managers
  • risk managers
  • social workers
  • policymakers

This manual has been updated from the 2014 version and expanded to include, among other topics, the following information:

  • Opioid orders and prescriptions in a completely new chapter which includes a template opioid consent to treatment form.
  • Updated content regarding the use and disclosure of specially protected substance use disorder information, including the most recent August 2020 changes to 42 C.F.R. Part 2.
  • An expanded chapter on research compliance, including compliance with HIPAA, FDA regulations, the Common Rule, NIH Certificates of Confidentiality, Arizona state research laws and more.
  • An expanded chapter on interactions with law enforcement, including interactions with border patrol.
  • Incorporation of the revised Medicare and Arizona hospital discharge rules and electronic “ADT” notification requirements.
  • Expanded telemedicine guidance.
  • A new discussion of social media concerns.
  • Discussion of the revised health information organization (HIO) laws.
  • References to a variety of other new laws and regulations since the 2014 edition that touch on consent, reporting, and health information management, including the alignment of mental health, communicable disease, and genetic testing confidentiality provisions with HIPAA, revised Data Bank reporting requirements, direct pay notices to patients and much more.
  • Much more extensive citation, cross-referencing and linking to legal authorities and treatise materials to guide further analysis of thorny regulatory questions.

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