Cost Reduction Solutions


Accumen Inc. (along with its subsidiary, Chi Solutions Inc.), is a leading healthcare transformation company that provides end-to-end services and laboratory solutions in consulting, execution, utilization, and outreach support. By partnering with hospital and health system laboratories, we set new standards of performance in clinical laboratory management—driving higher quality, patient safety, better service, and unprecedented value. Accumen and Chi deliver results in laboratory operations, outreach, and patient blood management using a proven blueprint, innovative approach, and insight-driven proprietary technology to create healthier labs, healthier hospitals, and ultimately, healthier communities. or more information about Accumen Inc. please contact Cindy Judd at (847)404-9962. 

Commerce Bank

Automated Accounts Payable solution, not a charge card but a card to pay your vendors, while paying your facility a revenue stream each month. Best A/P solution on the market, contact Joshua Wilson 623.533.3458 for more information.

HealthCare Resource Group

Healthcare Resource Group’s expertly crafted revenue cycle management services provide customized solutions for your healthcare facility’s unique needs. Our client-centric service suite provides the tools needed to optimize any part of your revenue cycle or Health Information Management (HIM) Department and increase your facility’s efficiency and profitability.

HRG combines industry leading technology and credentialed, experienced professionals in all areas of service including: Complete Business Office (CBO), Extended Business Office (EBO), Early Out Self-Pay, Remote Coding, Audits and Assessments, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) and Consulting and Management. For more information please contact Kelly Ryan.

Hunton Andrews Kurth

AzHHA Affiliated Partners Program (APP) is pleased to announce its class-action claims-recovery service that aims to identify and recover for AzHHA members class action claim opportunities.  Historically AzHHA Members have left money on the table by not responding to settled class action lawsuits.

A Recent Case Study

In a recent class action settlement related to wholesale food purchases (In re U.S. Foodservice Pricing Litigation), only 4 of 22 eligible AzHHA members filed claims.  While the members who filed claims recovered more than $88,000, there were 22 additional AzHHA members who, based on the defendants’ data, had qualifying claims in that case but failed to file claims.  Had those 22 AzHHA members filed claims, they would have been eligible to receive at least $150,000 in settlement funds.

How to Participate

In order to help our members identify and pursue claims please click the link directing you to the available settled class actions suits.  Should you chose to participate, or have any questions,  please contact John Koeneke, Vice President, AzHHA APP for the necessary forms and information. You may also contact  Jim Haynes, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, for any questions.


Vizient, is the combination of VHA, University Health System Consortium, Novation, Provista and MedAssets.  We believe the combined products, services and expertise of Vizient will help hospital organizations significantly improve their financial, clinical and operational performance and achieve even greater value for your patients and communities. For more information please contact Jim Haynes or John Koeneke.