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Accumen Inc. (along with its subsidiary, Chi Solutions Inc.), is a leading healthcare transformation company that provides end-to-end services and laboratory solutions in consulting, execution, utilization, and outreach support. By partnering with hospital and health system laboratories, we set new standards of performance in clinical laboratory management—driving higher quality, patient safety, better service, and unprecedented value. Accumen and Chi deliver results in laboratory operations, outreach, and patient blood management using a proven blueprint, innovative approach, and insight-driven proprietary technology to create healthier labs, healthier hospitals, and ultimately, healthier communities. or more information about Accumen Inc. please contact Cindy Judd at (847)404-9962. 

HealthCare Resource Group

Healthcare Resource Group’s expertly crafted revenue cycle management services provide customized solutions for your healthcare facility’s unique needs. Our client-centric service suite provides the tools needed to optimize any part of your revenue cycle or Health Information Management (HIM) Department and increase your facility’s efficiency and profitability.

HRG combines industry leading technology and credentialed, experienced professionals in all areas of service including: Complete Business Office (CBO), Extended Business Office (EBO), Early Out Self-Pay, Remote Coding, Audits and Assessments, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) and Consulting and Management. For more information please contact Kelly Ryan.

Hunton Andrews Kurth

AzHHA Affiliated Partners Program (APP) is pleased to announce its class-action claims-recovery service that aims to identify and recover for AzHHA members class action claim opportunities.  Historically AzHHA Members have left money on the table by not responding to settled class action lawsuits.

A Recent Case Study

In a recent class action settlement related to wholesale food purchases (In re U.S. Foodservice Pricing Litigation), only 4 of 22 eligible AzHHA members filed claims.  While the members who filed claims recovered more than $88,000, there were 22 additional AzHHA members who, based on the defendants’ data, had qualifying claims in that case but failed to file claims.  Had those 22 AzHHA members filed claims, they would have been eligible to receive at least $150,000 in settlement funds.

How to Participate

In order to help our members identify and pursue claims please click the link directing you to the available settled class actions suits.  Should you chose to participate, or have any questions,  please contact John Koeneke, Vice President, AzHHA APP for the necessary forms and information. You may also contact  Jim Haynes, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, for any questions.


Tryon- Auditing services for the purpose of providing sustainable cost reductions and the recovery of overspend on non-clinical G & A expenses in Telecom, Telehealth, Managed Print Services, Waste, Beverage Services, Document Storage, Utilities, Utility Procurement, Equipment Maintenance, Staffing, Mailing Equipment and the Fees that are charged to process payments made via Debit Cards and Credit Cards.

Our Auditors have over 500 years of combined experience. They perform a historical review of the previous 36 months invoices, manually reviewing each page of every invoice while knowing where to look and what to look for to find savings and error. We developed a proprietary national data base of best in class pricing built from reviewing thousands of Clients. Our ability to perform physical line audits positions us beyond comparison.

Our guarantee is if there are no savings, there is no fee!

Please contact Rob Kaponyas, Director of Business Development, 718.848.8548 or


High-performing pharmacy is who we are

At Visante, we believe in moving healthcare forward through innovative solutions that deliver lasting results. For almost 20 years, we've been advancing the Business of PharmacyTM by focusing exclusively on helping our clients optimize medication use systems and pharmaceutical utilization. We provide operational, clinical, risk management and financial assessments and solutions that improve efficiencies, optimize patient outcomes, support compliance and foster organizational growth across the continuum of care.  We draw on the practice and leadership experience and expertise of more than 60 multi-disciplinary consultants from across the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. We're here to move the practice of pharmacy in the right direction.

Visante approaches each client engagement in collaborative manner in order to design a work plan and deliverables, which while standardized, also are customized in order to meet the unique needs of each client that we serve.  As such, our consulting services include, but are not limited to:

Comprehensive Pharmacy Assessments, Sterile Compounding Compliance (USP 797/800), Antimicrobial Stewardship, Medication Reconciliation,  Ambulatory and Retail Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy Services, Pharmacy Benefit Management Services, Staffing and Metrics / Benchmarking, Drug Diversion Prevention, Process Improvement Mapping, Facilities Design, Operational & Strategic Planning, Business Plan Development, Leadership Coaching & Mentoring, 340B Drug Program Integrity Assessment and Audit Readiness, Medicare Part D audit assessments and support, , Medicare Part C Compliance assistance and more.

In addition to our consulting expertise in hospitals, health systems and integrated delivery networks, Visante also provides consulting services to all stakeholders of the pharmaceutical marketplace including managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit managers, self-funded employers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and medical technology providers.  We believe this comprehensive marketplace approach to the Business of PharmacyTM  is a unique element of Visante that provides additional value to each of our hospital, health system and IDN clients.

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Vizient, is the combination of VHA, University Health System Consortium, Novation, Provista and MedAssets.  We believe the combined products, services and expertise of Vizient will help hospital organizations significantly improve their financial, clinical and operational performance and achieve even greater value for your patients and communities. For more information please contact Jim Haynes or John Koeneke.