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Healthcare Leaders Applaud Gov. Ducey and Legislative Leaders for Passing Patient-Centered Budget

Leaders take steps to improve access to care and grow economy


For Immediate Release │ May 28, 2019
Media Contact: Greg Ensell │602-694-5510 │[email protected]

PHOENIX — The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA), the organization giving Arizona hospitals a voice to collectively build better healthcare and health for Arizonans, heartily congratulates Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and state leaders for passing a state budget today that wisely invests in the health of Arizona’s people, patients and communities and will grow our economy.

“AzHHA applauds Gov. Ducey and the lawmakers at the state capitol for passing a budget that makes a solid investment in the health of all Arizonans,” says AzHHA President and CEO Ann-Marie Alameddin.

“From eliminating the KidsCare enrollment freeze to combating the state’s physician shortage by providing state funding for Graduate Medical Education, this is a budget healthcare leaders across the state can support, that will directly benefit each and every Arizonan across the continuum of care.”

“Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation and, as such, has significant healthcare needs,” explains Alameddin. “This budget is the start of a plan today that meets the state’s healthcare needs of tomorrow.”

Here are some noteworthy components of the budget that AzHHA lobbied on behalf of throughout the legislative session:

  • $9 million Graduate Medical Education (phased-in over three years)
  • $8 million University of Arizona School of Medicine • $3 million Rural Broadband Grants
  • $1.6 million Eliminate the KidsCare enrollment freeze
  • $1 million Rural Prenatal Telemedicine Equipment
  • $750,000 State Loan Repayment Program


About the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
AzHHA is the association giving Arizona hospitals a voice to collectively build better healthcare and health for Arizonans. As the champion for healthcare leadership in Arizona, AzHHA and its member hospitals explore ideas and take collaborative action at the state capitol, in hospitals and at home to attain the best healthcare outcomes for Arizonans. Through Better Care, Better Health, and Lower Costs, we will make Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation. Visit for more information.