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Heidi Christensen, MSW

Heidi Christensen

Heidi Christensen is a Program Manager with the Arizona Department of Health Services working with families, communities, and stakeholders to improve maternal health and reduce maternal morbidity and mortality in Arizona.

For more than 20 years Heidi has worked with families and communities on prevention and intervention efforts in behavioral health, sexual and intimate partner violence, child welfare, reproductive health, preconception health, developmental disabilities, early childhood development, pregnancy during adolescence, and education. Heidi believes prevention efforts are key to helping individuals and families thrive, thus creating healthy communities.

Heidi co-leads maternal health efforts at the state level through the Maternal Health Innovation Program and the Maternal Health Task Force. She is also the AIM State Lead Coordinator for Arizona and is committed to improving maternal health outcomes in birthing facilities across the state.

Heidi holds a master's in social work from Arizona State University.

Pushing Forward: Spotlight on Maternal Health in Arizona

Thursday, Sept. 22, │ 8:10 a.m.

Every year in Arizona, approximately 70 people die within 365 days of pregnancy and approximately 900 people experience severe maternal morbidity during labor and delivery. Nationally, maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity have steadily increased over the last decade. We will discuss initiatives in Arizona that are pushing for change and improving care and outcomes. Join us in our efforts to ensure all mothers and pregnant people in our state receive high-quality care.