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Other Affiliated Partners

Now more than ever, hospitals and healthcare facilities are searching for the means to be more efficient by streamlining and standardizing processes and vendors. These AzHHA Affiliated Partners offer AzHHA members the means to reduce overall costs to flow assets where they are needed most: patient care.



Vizient is the nation’s leading healthcare performance improvement company. By serving more than half of the healthcare organizations across the United States—from large integrated networks and academic medical centers to community hospitals, pediatric facilities and non-acute care providers—Vizient is able to scale data, insights and purchasing power to help AzHHA members perform at their best.


  • Achieve price performance in supplies, services and pharmacy
  • Manage spending through standardization and utilization
  • Attain operational efficiency
  • Build effective strategies with best practices and expertise to consistently offer cost-effective, high-quality care
  • Prepare your organization for future growth with rich data, robust analytics and healthcare consultants
  • Leverage data and expertise to optimize your clinical, financial, quality and operational performance
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Prepare your pharmacy operations for the future, by maximizing performance, managing spend and improving clinical pharmacy care
  • Improve care delivery with powerful analytics and expert guidance to balance quality and total cost of care, reduce clinical variation and optimize service line performance
  • Optimize your supply operations to drive operational efficiency, lower supply costs and achieve clinically integrated supply goals with strategic solutions that deliver industry-leading savings and value

To participate in this program, email Laura Dicksheid, or call 602-445-4318.

Arizona Risk Management & Safety Association
(a Sunbelt Insurance Holdings company)

Arizona Risk Management and Safety Association (ARMSA) supports Arizona-based employers who share a common need for easily accessible resources to keep their employees safe in the workplace at an affordable cost.

Lean on ARMSA if your focus is on the safety of your workers and achieving the most effective risk management programs possible, while reducing the total cost of labor through discounted workers' compensation risk financing.


  • Receive a 10% discount on workers’ compensation programs and discounted consultation services as an AzHHA member
  • Promote a safer work environment for your employees
  • Integrate safety, risk management and workers’ compensation into your daily habits
  • Get free safety awareness classes

To participate in this program, contact Carly Baez at 480-378-3735, email Laura Dicksheid, or call 602-445-4318.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Healthcare Banking

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Healthcare Banking™ is a powerful ally to healthcare companies of every size. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we seamlessly deliver an unrivaled range of advisory, capital raising and treasury management solutions for hospitals, healthcare facilities and institutions.


  • Define focus areas to drive hospital revenue
  • Ascertain the strength of a merger, acquisition or partnership
  • Find out how leaders create sustained success with nonprofit healthcare strategies
  • Rethink your hospital’s cost structure to find hidden savings
  • Learn how to stay safe from healthcare cyber crime
  • Identify new and future impacts on financial performance by looking at payment and reimbursement strategies
  • Understand the impact and opportunity of risk-based reimbursement
  • Discover industry solutions for growth, efficiency and achieving goals

To participate in this program, visit

Healthcare Resource Group

Healthcare Resource Group’s (HRG) expertly crafted revenue cycle management services provide customized solutions for your healthcare facility’s unique needs. Its client-centric service suite provides the tools to optimize any part of your revenue cycle or Health Information Management (HIM) Department and increase your facility’s efficiency and profitability.

HRG combines industry-leading technology and credentialed, experienced professionals in all areas of service, including: Complete Business Office (CBO), Extended Business Office (EBO), Early Out Self-Pay, Remote Coding, Audits and Assessments, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), and Consulting and Management.


  • Strengthen your revenue cycle and cash flow with an efficient workflow
  • Increase your cash collections, account resolution, process flow and support with CBO services
  • Decrease your loss of revenue, AR days, denial process, improper reimbursements and bad debt with CBO services
  • Increase collections (typically by as much as 23%), patient satisfaction, office integration and patient security with Early Out Self-Pay

To participate in this program, email Kelly Ryan.

Managed Care Advisory Group

MCAG is an industry leader, representing over 25% of the hospitals in the U.S. and recovering over $250 million for its clients. Little time and effort is required to activate MCAG to recover money from these settlements on your behalf. You may engage MCAG now to ensure that you take advantage of the $8+ billion in settlement funds.

The enrollment process in MCAG’s service is fast, easy, and has no upfront fees. AzHHA members enroll in the service directly with MCAG for an all-inclusive no risk fee that is a percentage of any recoveries. Visit, and enter code AZHHA5 to learn more or enroll quickly online.


  • Improve revenue and overall financial performance
  • Strengthen operating efficiency
  • Focus on core business competencies
  • Uncover unexpected revenue opportunities

To participate in this program, email Laura Dicksheid, or call 602-445-4318.

Medical Air Services Association

Medical Air Services Association (MASA) Medical Transport Solutions (MTS) provides protection to nearly two-million members a year covering medical transport and potential out-of-pocket expenses when they need it the most. MASA MTS is offering an enrollment opportunity to all eligible Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association member employees with special group rates starting at $14 a month. MASA MTS offers membership providing coverage for all 3 emergency transportation methods (ground, helicopter, and fixed-wing air ambulances) regardless of ambulance provider. There are no deductibles, no claim forms, no health questions and best of all, all providers are considered "in-network.” Nowadays, it is up to business owners and benefit managers to ensure that employees are covered during medical emergencies. Get comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for your employees by offering MASA MTS. Download information guide.


  • Special group rates available exclusively to AZHHA member employees starting at $14 a month
  • Provides coverage for all 3 emergency transportation methods (ground, helicopter and fixed-wing air ambulances) regardless of ambulance provider
  • No deductibles, no claim forms, no health questions

To participate in this program email, Chad Frazier or call him at 916-390-0460.


MDsave is a web-based healthcare marketplace used by hospitals and their providers to engage self-pay and high-deductible consumer patients by allowing patients who are uninsured, under-insured or denied coverage the ability to shop within their network for outpatient procedures. 

Patients prepay for procedures at a bundled or global rate online, giving them an Amazon-like experience to pay for outpatient services.


  • Increase patient volume
  • Decrease bad debt
  • Be the conduit for patients seeking affordable, quality care
  • Offer patients a simplified healthcare billing process with negotiated rates, bundled pricing and up-front payment

To participate in this program, email Laura Dicksheid, or call 602-445-4318.

NJHA Healthcare Business Solutions, Inc.

Offered regularly throughout the year with new ones always on the forefront of development, HBS programs include hands-on workshops and lectures presented dynamically to foster better learning experiences. Affordable and flexible, all programs also are offered at NJHA-HBS’ Princeton location or onsite at client facilities.


  • In-source your coding function to gain greater control of expense and quality
  • Become a productive coder for member facilities via the live, web-based I-Code training program
  • Receive coder mentoring, which includes training for two employees and the engagement of an NJHA-HBS trained coder for one year
  • Keep up to date with coding training topics such as Conquering Coding Challenges, Hot Topics for HIM Professionals, and Coding Clinic Updates
  • Master the ICD-10 coding system with the ICD-10 Helpline
  • Get help with RAC and HIPAA requirements with AUDIT Trax and HIPAA Trax software solutions
  • Receive CEU credit for AHIMA and AAPC

To participate in this program, email Tim Keough or Chris Russo.


PatientPing is a care-coordination platform that reduces the cost of healthcare by seamlessly connecting providers to coordinate patient care. The platform allows providers to collaborate on shared patients through Pings, or real-time notifications when patients receive care, and Stories, which are important patient context at the point of care. 

The technology allows provider organizations, health plans, governments, individuals and the organizations supporting them to leverage real-time data to reach their shared goals of improving the efficiency of our healthcare system.


  • Rely on Ping technology for real-time notifications when patients receive care elsewhere
  • Rely on Story technology for real-time patient information at the point of care
  • Connect with healthcare providers across the country through simple, powerful technology in real-time
  • See the patient's care program, visit history and attributed provider upon admission
  • Receive real-time notifications once the patient is discharged, providing you with actionable insights to inform care decisions
  • View the patient's Story upon admission to a post-acute care facility, and get notified on their care events post-discharge
  • Apply timely interventions to improve care outcomes and potentially reduce avoidable readmissions if patients present back to the hospital post-discharge
  • Decrease costs associated with redundant or unnecessary treatment
  • Deepen referral relationships and community partnerships
  • Join a national community of hospitals sharing information to help fight the opioid crisis, lower ED utilization and proactively manage patient care
  • View patient's entire care team contact information to enable timely communication
  • Triage patients more effectively
  • Direct patients with social determinants to appropriate community resources
  • Avoid penalties due to proactive care management of high-risk patients (i.e. readmissions, bundled payments)

To participate in this program, email Zach Mitchell or call him at 708-287-9318.

Tryon Clear View Group

Tryon Clear View Group (TCVG) has served more than 1,300 hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers since 2011, auditing their non-clinical G & A expenses on services to provide sustainable cost reductions and the recovery of provider overspend.

TCVG’s Expense Category Specialists have more than 500 years of professional experience auditing purchased services from vendors ranging from telecom, print, waste and utilities to equipment maintenance, staffing, document storage and credit card fees.


  • Cut your costs with sustainable cost reductions
  • Find additional cost-reduction opportunities that your team hasn’t yet identified
  • Recover overspends from your existing vendors
  • Cash in on vendor savings ranging from 39% to 60% over three years
  • Receive a minimum 65% subsidy on eligible expenses if you’re a rural provider
  • Audit your credit card processing fees and miscellaneous charges that are not legitimate and save, on average, 21%
  • Negotiate lower rates with your existing card merchant
  • Analyze the fixed costs of uniform, linen and laundry services for an average savings of 17%

To participate in this program, email Rob Kaponyas, Director of Business Development, or call him at 718-848-8548.


For almost 20 years, Visante has been advancing the Business of Pharmacy™ by focusing exclusively on helping clients optimize medication-use systems and pharmaceutical utilization. Visante approaches each client engagement in a collaborative manner to design a work plan and deliverables that meet the unique needs of each client.

Just a sampling of Visante’s consulting services include: Comprehensive Pharmacy Assessments, Sterile Compounding Compliance (USP 797/800), Antimicrobial Stewardship, Medication Reconciliation,  Ambulatory and Retail Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy Services, Pharmacy Benefit Management Services, Staffing and Metrics / Benchmarking, Drug Diversion Prevention, Process Improvement Mapping, Facilities Design, Operational & Strategic Planning, Business Plan Development, Leadership Coaching & Mentoring, 340B Drug Program Integrity Assessment and Audit Readiness, Medicare Part D Audit Assessments and Support, Medicare Part C Compliance Assistance, and more.


  • Receive operational, clinical, risk management and financial assessments and solutions that improve efficiencies, optimize patient outcomes, support compliance and foster organizational growth across the continuum of care
  • Avoid under-utilizing or under-resourcing pharmacy and medication management, which results in a negative impact on revenue and patient care
  • Diagnose and solve complex issues to more effectively deliver compliant healthcare and pharmacy services
  • Discover innovative solutions that deliver lasting results
  • Draw on the practice and leadership experience and expertise of more than 60 multi-disciplinary consultants
  • Move the practice of pharmacy in the right direction

To participate in this program, email Laura Dicksheid, or call 602-445-4318.


Well-Advised provides Medicare patients with free, non-biased education and online tools so that they can optimally manage their healthcare and costs. 94% of consumers are enrolled in a suboptimal plan, resulting in overpayment or under-coverage. As a result, many patients avoid needed care, delay appointments and don’t fill prescriptions, leading to anxiety and poor health.


  • By partnering with Well-Advised, patients can improve enrollment accuracy to assure optimum clinical coverage while matching their financial abilities. Patients simply answer questions about what’s most important to them, and the service recommends optimal plans, facilitates enrollment and assists with accessing the care and services they need to manage their health. Well-Advised continually tracks changes in plans, providers, hospitals, drugs and treatments, and alerts users when better plan options become available. By advocating for appropriate patient access, a hospital reduces bad debt and improves patient satisfaction.

To participate in this program, email Mimi Roberson, or Charlie Walling.