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Primary Election Upsets, Impact on Healthcare Policy Unclear

More than 1.2 million voters cast ballots in the Arizona Primary Election on Tuesday. While the results are not yet final, it appears two incumbent Republican state Senators have been defeated and partisan control of one or both legislative chambers may be up for the taking. It is unclear what impact or implications these results will have on health policy.

At the time of this writing, it appears Nancy Barto holds a close lead against Heather Carter in the state Senate race for Legislative District (LD) 15. This race has become one of the most costly and closely-watched races in the state.

While many capitol insiders have viewed Democrats gaining control of the state House as a possibility for some time, the outcome of another Republican state Senate primary may mean the Senate is in play too. Long-time Northeastern Arizona state Senator, Sylvia Allen has been defeated by perennial candidate Wendy Rogers in the race for LD6 state Senate. The district, which stretches from Cottonwood and Flagstaff on the west to Snowflake and Globe on the east, has been home to several heated general elections. Many are speculating the ultra-conservative Rogers will not be competitive against democrat Felicia French who nearly picked up a house seat in 2018.