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Talent Management Solutions

Emergency_Staffing_Service_-webimage.pngEmergency Staffing Solutions (ESSAz)

AzHHA, in partnership with Adaptive Workforce Solutions (AdaptiveWFS), offers a staffing resource to members through our Affiliated Partners Program. Emergency Staffing Solutions for Arizona hospitals – or ESSAz for short – is a one-stop resource to help you find quality healthcare professionals. AzHHA Affiliated Partner, Adaptive Workforce Solutions, will respond to assist hospitals with posting requisitions, sourcing clinicians, credentialing and onboarding, timekeeping and invoicing. There is no cost to AzHHA members to utilize this program.

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AdaptiveWFS, an Arizona based company, offers AzHHA members an opportunity to develop workforce solutions tailored to the staffing goals and business objectives of your organization rather than a workforce solution that’s built to meet the needs of a staffing company. At AdaptiveWFS their expertise lies in working together with customers to help them achieve a healthy balance of contract labor use necessary to balance out supply and demand in an ever-changing healthcare labor market.

What Makes AdaptiveWFS Different?

They take an unbiased approach to designing innovative workforce management solutions that bring together the best people, process and technology to automate and streamline the contract labor lifecycle, ultimately reducing spend without sacrificing quality.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, AdaptiveWFS has worked in collaboration with AzHHA and other state associations in coordinating an employee leasing program among hospital associations and in developing emergency staffing services to help members gain access to quality healthcare providers quickly, and at competitive labor costs. 

As consultants at heart, AdaptiveWFS act as honest brokers to ensuring customers receive the following results when designing a workforce management program:

  • Reduction in contract labor spend — an average savings of 3% to 8%
  • State-of-the-art technology – centralized software that traces all stages of the contract labor lifecycle
  • Market Analytics- tracks market competition to ensure you are not overpaying for contract labor
  • Contract management to ensure fair and transparent contracting terms and conditions
  • Expanded supply of healthcare providers through a large network of staffing partnerships, leased employee and payroll service programs that result in faster fill times and higher quality of staff
  • Full oversight on credentialing, insurance, and exposure to risk

AdaptiveWFS is the preferred workforce management company for the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA). Through this partnership, we are offering AzHHA members a contract labor workforce assessment at no cost. To sign up for a free workforce assessment.

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