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Thoughtful Life Conversations

Preparing for A Better End

Thoughtful Life Conversations (TLC) strives to transform healthcare delivery from sick care to value-based care by enhancing patient choice, autonomy, and patient/family experience. 

  • Planning for the future is how we get the care we want. Through community outreach and engagement empowering Arizonans to take control of their healthcare at all stages of life we replace fear with an action plan that helps prepare for a better end.
  • Through professional education of healthcare professionals, we promote meaningful dialogue with patients about their goals of care and treatment preferences.
  • Through advocacy, policy and payment system reform we integrate national quality standards and programs, such as POLST, to normalize care for the seriously ill and frail.   

In addition to championing the transformation, AzHHA is the official state lead of Arizona POLST. We work as a conduit between patients and providers to help people get the medical treatments they want, and avoid any they don’t want, while they are seriously ill or frail.

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