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AzHHA Talent Management Solutions

The AzHHA Talent Management Solutions service is designed to assist our members with a more cost effective and efficient way to source and engage Physicians and Mid-level practitioners.  This program is delivered at no cost to our members and will provide the following benefits: 

  • A sourcing/RFP process that presents locums agencies with a larger scale opportunity by combining the purchases of multiple members under one program and therefore encourages locums agencies to submit more competitive pricing bids as part of their RFP response.

  • Reduce the burden of contracting and expanding the pool of agencies servicing your facilities, resulting in an increased pool of available practitioners.

  • Reduce the time it takes to fill your Locum needs by streamlining the requisition process and enabling orders to be distributed automatically to any contracted agency at the same time or in a tiered fashion.

  • Members will only need to make one phone call or email AzHHA to secure a Locums Physician or advanced practitioner.

  • Account manager assigned to your facility to pre-screen provider submissions, ensuring that each provider meets the pre-interview criteria for the position at your facility and that the agency recruiter and candidate have completed any attestations or compliance questionnaires.

  • Reduce the internal costs and improve the invoice accuracy related to managing locums by providing electronic time entry and expenses approval, and reverse invoicing for the locums agencies.

Provide real-time visibility into locums utilization, including financial data and performance indicators to enable benchmarking of agencies. 

The program will be managed in partnership with Healthcare Workforce Logistics (HWL).  HWL is a “vendor neutral” workforce solutions company whose leadership team has deep expertise and experience in managing large scale managed service programs (MSP), including multi-facility, multi-state, locum tenens MSP programs.

If you are interested in participating in this program, click here or contact Julie O’Keefe, Vice President HWL Workforce Solutions at 760-274-7696.

AzHealth Jobs offers a unique job board where healthcare employees can connect with qualified healthcare candidates.  Through our affiliation with the National Health Career Network (NHCN), you can also connect to over 250 professional healthcare associations across the country to find that perfect candidate.

AzHealthJobs is part of the AzHHA Affiliated Partners Program (APP), which provides products and services that our member hospitals find valuable.

Contact John Koeneke 602.445.4313 for more information.


Physician, executive and advanced practitioner search and recruitment firm. Contact Mary Beth Cruz at 314.236.4403 for more information.

MedPro Healthcare Staffing

Since 1983, MedPro Healthcare Staffing has partnered with clients across the U.S. to fill both short and long-term staffing needs. In the past 13 years we have successfully recruited, trained, and placed more foreign-educated healthcare professionals into the U.S. healthcare system than any other company in the nation. We offer a strategic partnership for long-term workforce planning to fill on-going core staffing needs. Our extensive pipeline of over 2,000 nurses at various stages of the process allows us to deploy nurses to the U.S. on an ongoing, steady, and reliable basis. All MedPro International Healthcare Professionals are educated and trained to meet quality and U.S. licensure standards. Our team manages every aspect of the process to deliver qualified healthcare professionals to our clients including recruitment, immigration, licensing, credentialing, and training. All activities related to the clinicians work authorization to practice in the U.S. are managed by MedPro International staff, at no cost to you! For more information contact, Michael Carney, Director of Strategic Partnerships at or at (954)237-3597.


3WON is a healthcare information technology (HIT) service provider specializing in services designed to promote efficiencies, revenue generation and cost savings associated with medical professional credentialing and enrollment.  The company offers CVO services combined with a Software as a Service (SaaS) based technology platform designed to collect, manage, and distribute continuously updated, near real-time credentialing and enrollment data to hospitals, health systems, medical professionals and health plans.  Proprietary applications enable greater accuracy and speed than legacy credentialing and enrollment processes. The AzHHA Credentialing and Enrollment service powered by 3WON streamlines the process through an online form which is mapped to and auto-populates any application or form used by the hospital, supporting an individual hospital’s specific criteria for credentialing and enrollment.  For more information please contact Tim Smith at 630-992-7777.

Additional Information

If you would like any additional information regarding our workforce efforts please contact John Koeneke, Vice President of Business Development, at 602-445-4313.