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AzHHA pushes HB2035 and HB2290

Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association unveils legislative priorities for better healthcare access & fair claims 


For Immediate Release │ January 12, 2024

Media Contact: Dillon Rosenblatt │602-445-4312 │[email protected]

The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) is excited to announce the sponsorship of two critical bills, Health Insurance Accountability (HB2035) and Ground Ambulance Transport (HB2290), for the Fifty-sixth Legislature – Second Regular Session. These bills, championed by Representative David Cook and Representative Alexander Kolodin, respectively, address key issues in healthcare claims processing and interfacility patient transportation. 

Rep. Cook's HB2035: Insurance; claims; appeals; provider credentialing 

Improves Transparency 

  • Mandates health plans to provide comprehensive information on claim denials, including contact details for designated individuals, streamlining the appeals process and reducing time wasted by healthcare workers seeking clarification. 

Promotes Fairness 

  • Ensures all healthcare providers have the right to dispute payment denials or downgrades through a neutral third party, aligning with the grievance process for AHCCCS contracted health plans and extending the appeal process to the Office of Administrative Hearings. 

Imparts Reasonableness 

  • Reduces the credentialing timeframe for physicians and healthcare providers to 45 calendar days, a significant improvement from the current 100 days, with retroactive payment for claims accrued during the credentialing process. 

AzHHA expresses gratitude to Representative David Cook for his continued sponsorship of this vital legislation. 

Rep. Kolodin's HB2290: Certificates of operation; interfacility transfers 

Fixing Interfacility Transportation Delays 

  • Recognizes the critical issue of interfacility transportation delays, impacting patient care across Arizona. Patients often face extensive wait times, affecting treatment plans and causing bed turnover challenges for transferring hospitals. 

Revamping the System 

  • Proposes exempting hospitals from the Certificate of Necessity (CON) process for interfacility transportations, allowing them to manage their own transportation services or contract with local fire districts/departments to ensure timely and efficient transfers. 

Enhancing Efficiency 

  • Advocates for internal service capabilities within hospitals for interfacility transportation, providing a solution to delays, particularly between behavioral health facilities and medical center emergency departments. 

Representative Alexander Kolodin, along with eight bipartisan co-sponsors, is commended for leading this initiative to address the pressing challenges in patient transportation. 

AzHHA remains committed to advocating for these bills to enhance healthcare accessibility and streamline critical processes. 

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