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Emergency Response

Arizona Coalition for Healthcare Emergency Response (AzCHER):

Ensure your hospital is ready to assist during natural disasters, bioterrorism, and other crises by joining AzCHER. Membership is open to any organization that has a vested interest in healthcare emergency preparedness within Arizona. Benefits of membership include opportunities for emergency management training, exercise participation and networking/relationship-building within the field of healthcare emergency preparedness. To learn more or to apply, visit AzCHER’s website

For information on AzCHER’s role in responding to COVID-19, visit:

Want to Donate PPE?

The Arizona Coalition for Emergency Response (AzCHER), a federally funded program of AzHHA, is facilitating the exchange of in-kind (i.e., non-financial) healthcare resources of all sorts, not just PPE. The process works in this way:

  1. Healthcare facilities needing supplies, equipment, or other goods/service can complete a resource request form through the AzCHER website here. Submit the completed form to [email protected].

  2. AzCHER staff populate the resource request log located on the website here.

  3. When a potential donor contacts AzCHER with goods or services to contribute, they are directed to the resource request log noted above.  The donor is urged to contact a facility having a matching need directly.

AzCHER does not accept or store any supplies or equipment, but rather encourages the direct interaction between donors and healthcare recipients.