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Exploring and Charting New Courses

At the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA), it’s our mission to build better healthcare to support the health of patients, people and communities in Arizona. This means we offer many ground-breaking, best-practice programs and resources to help achieve this lofty goal by putting the safety and rights of patients and people first, above all else.

Through this collection of programs and resources, we believe we are well on our way of supporting a vision that makes Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation. With your help, we are exploring and charting new courses and openly invite others to join us!


AzHHA Annual report  AzHHA Brand Standards  AzHHA Legislative Report


AzHHA Consent Manual 2020 Edition Care Improvement Resources Change Healthcare cyberattack




DataGen Reports EMTALA Manual Health Plan Complaint Process Toolkit


Online Tracking Technology Toolkit    


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