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Online Tracking Technology Toolkit

AzHHA is offering a toolkit for members, designed to assist in managing the heightened risk associated with the widespread use of online tracking technologies, a standard practice in hospitals. This toolkit includes a concise overview of pertinent laws and a set of sample resources that can be readily implemented within your organization. 

As part of AzHHA membership benefits, the Management of Online Tracking Technology Toolkit for Health Care Providers, created by Coppersmith Brockelman PLC attorneys, is now at your disposal. AzHHA members can freely access this resource, along with others, at no cost. Sharing outside your hospital is prohibited.

Why it matters

  • The increased legal exposure of the use of online tracking technologies is a growing risk for hospitals. Sharing individually identifiable user data with third-party tracking vendors without proper agreements in place or consent from the individual now presents significant risk for any organization working in the healthcare space.
  • Hospitals should be evaluating their current use of online tracking technologies, mitigating any potential harm, reducing regulatory and litigation risk, and creating appropriate policies and procedures for managing online tracking technologies moving forward. 

The toolkit is available as a Word document because much of the content consists of templates that can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. The Word document also contains an embedded Excel spreadsheet. If you have any trouble opening the embedded spreadsheet, please let us know. 

Request Toolkit 

This member resource is available on To request the password, please email [email protected]