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Advocacy that Pursues & Safeguards Your Interests
Take a Seat at the Table

In politics they say if you aren’t at the table, you’re on the menu. This is especially true in healthcare, where federal and state governments are both payers and regulators. Add to this the many competing healthcare interests who may have a very different vision of how your hospital should operate, and it becomes crystal clear: 

When it comes to overcoming threats and taking advantage of opportunities, it is vital for your organization to have a strong strategy in place for legislative and grassroots advocacy, as well as policy development.

Whether you’re the largest healthcare organization or the smallest, AzHHA’s policy and advocacy team helps safeguard your interests and pursue your initiatives in order to improve patient care and the health of the community.

Invest in your future

Take Advantage of Group Influence
Lean on the Experts to Work with Legislators and Regulators

AzHHA maintains a well-connected network of government relations professionals capable of meeting with legislators and regulators on most, if not all, healthcare issues. These professionals can supplement existing in-house or contract lobbyists, if your organization has them, or eliminate the need to add headcount or contractors, if it doesn’t.

There is safety and influence in numbers, and AzHHA’s advocacy efforts utilize a wide range of political engagement strategies, such as:

  • Mobilizing grassroots activists
  • Evaluating political candidates and proposed legislation
  • Investing in those with a track record of support or those with the promise of becoming a supporter

Regardless of the capabilities and needs of your organization, AzHHA should be an important part of your policy and advocacy efforts.