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Affiliated Partners Program Board

The Vendor-Vetting Process

As a for-profit subsidiary of AzHHA, the Affiliated Partners Program is governed by its own board of directors that reports to the AzHHA board. Directors are hospital executives or community volunteers with healthcare executive experience. They are selected as member representatives who contribute to the vetting of vendors and ultimately affirm their endorsement.

To become an affiliated partner, vendors must submit a written application, after which they undergo rigorous scrutiny, including reference checks, to ensure that their services align with member needs and meet quality standards. The process culminates with the board formally approving the vendor’s partnership status.

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AzHHA Affiliated Partners Program Board Leadership

The Affiliated Partners Program (APP) is governed by AzHHA Board members selected from the AzHHA membership, and from the community at large.

2022-2023 members are:

Gary Aden
Community Representative
Surprise, Arizona
Ann-Marie Alameddin
President and Chief Executive Officer
Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association

 Lia Christiansen
Executive Vice President / Chief Administrative Officer
Valleywise Health

Roland Knox (Chairman)
Chief Executive Officer
Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center
Trudie Milner, Yuma Regional Medical Center
Trudie Milner
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Yuma Regional Medical Center

Julia Strange
Vice President of External Affairs & Brand
TMC Health

Vicki Thomsen
Sr. Director, Human Resources
Aurora Behavioral Healthcare