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Legal and Compliance

Compliance Toolkits

Keep current with the myriad of changes related to opioid prescribing, ordering and administration requirements. Template policies and procedures are included in both toolkits and cover recent law and guidance changes in Arizona. The policies and procedures included in the toolkits cover opioid prescribing requirements, opioid ordering and administration requirements (if applicable), CSPMP review and reporting requirements and opioid overdose reporting.


Arizona Opioid Compliance Toolkit For Hospitals And Outpatient Surgery Centers  Arizona Opioid Compliance Toolkit For Outpatient Clinics


AzHHA Consent Manual - 2020 Edition

The AzHHA Consent Manual - 2020 Edition, comprehensively updated by Coppersmith Brockelman’s Health Care Practice Group, is now available. This manual is the only detailed resource guide to Arizona healthcare consent-related laws, rules and regulations. Click here to submit your purchase request.



AzHHA-ADHS Quarterly Update - August 30, 2022

EMTALA Memorandum (outlines key issues currently facing hospitals and the EMTALA implications) - January 18, 2022

AzHHA Comments on DHS Notice of Proposed Rule Making RE: Opioid Prescribing and Treatment - December 18, 2017

AzHHA Comments on Draft ADHS Opioid Prescribing and Treatment Rules - October 23, 2017

Comment Letter to DHS on Emergency Rules - August 24, 2017

AzDHS Emergency Rule on Opioid Reporting - July 27, 2017